About Us

SevenMuses MusicBooks was created in 2010 with the aim of producing and releasing original anthologies in book CD format and also works in CD from artists and compilations in the scope of lusophone music, particularly in Fado.

Fado became an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in November 2011, coinciding with the release of one of our best-sellers "Fado Portugal, 200 Years of Fado" that sold out in the same month of release.

After a few dozen releases in these years with national and international distribution, it is undeniable the global success of a good part of our titles that have received excellent reviews in the national and international press.

Although it has a very qualitative catalogue, nowadays SevenMuses is much more than a record company.

The know-how acquired over decades has allowed the expansion to other areas of music with the creation of several trademarks.

Our mission is excellence, from the creation until the completion of each project, counting on professionals and experienced collaborators who share this same vision.

Inspiration is part of our mission and innovation is part of our experience.


Currently SevenMuses has the following trademarks:








SevenMuses MusicBooks®
Company and brand of the label. The art of inspiration.

SevenMuses © 2018


Trademark dedicated to the production of exotic wood miniatures and utilities made in Portugal.

Terra Madre – Instrumentos de Cordas®
Trademark dedicated to the construction of string musical instruments for study, offering the best relationship between quality and price.

Lágrima Guitarras®
Trademark dedicated to the construction of superior quality stringed musical instruments for professional use. Guitars that inspire.

Lágrima Tonewood® 
Trademark created for the exotic wood transformation and trade for the construction of musical instruments. The home of old tonewood.