Fado Mundo


Artist: Various Artists 
Title: Fado Mundo
Format: CD Jewel Case – booklet 8 páginas
Genre: World Music / Fado / Portugal
Languages: Portuguese / English 
Catalogue Nr.: SM032-CD 
EAN: 5606562620448
Release date: November 24th 2017

Fado Mundo is an original work of André Santos and Hugo Edgar that starts from the traditional fado to the world, characterized by the new arrangements of close languages as tango, flamenco, among others.

This record is also characterized by the solo role that the instruments play along with the voice, as well as the fact that it is sung integrally by female voices. In this work we can hear the voice of 11 women with fado careers, coexisting the maturity of the most experienced voices with the freshness of the younger voices.

Fado in an unusual line up of classical guitar, Portuguese guitar, double bass and percussion.
Fado elevated to world music. The world is fado and fado is the world

1. Sandra Correia - Cansaço (Fado Tango) (Luís Macedo / Joaquim Campos)
2. Ana Laíns - Hora do levante (Fado Sevilha) (António da Silva Rodrigues / Jaime Santos)
3. Catarina Rosa - Beijo de amora (Fado Cravo) (Mário Rainho / Alfredo Marceneiro)
4. Linda Leonardo - Na boca de toda a gente (Fado Daniel) (Tiago Torres da Silva / Daniel Gouveia)
5. Diamantina - Queira ou não queira (Fado Jaime) (Fernando Peres / Jaime Santos)
6. Célia Leiria - Lençóis de lua (Mário Rainho / José Fontes Rocha)
7. André Santos e Hugo Edgar - La partida (Instrumental) (Valsa Chilena) (Carlos Bonnet)
8. Carla Pires - Amar não é pecado (Fado Pedro Rodrigues) (Moita Girão / Pedro Rodrigues)
9. Joana Melo - Procuro e não te encontro (António José / Nobre Sousa) 
10. Alice Pires - Lamentos (Domingos Gonçalves / Maximiano de Sousa)
11. Cristina Clara - Todas as Mulheres (Fado Lopes) (Tiago Torres da Silva / Mário José Lopes)
12. Sofia Ferreira - Momento veloz (António Rocha / Arménio de Melo)  
13. André Santos e Hugo Edgar - Sonata ao Chiado antigo (Instrumental) (Thylo Krassman)

SevenMuses © 2018



Classical Guitar - André M. Santos
Portuguese Guitar - Hugo Edgar
Double Bass - Óscar Torres
Percussion - Carlos Mil-Homens (in the tracks 1 and 4)

Fado Mundo emerges from the desire to deliver a more exquisite instrumental component to the world of fados, mostly traditional. As a rule, musicians play a role of mere accompaniment, having their leading role in the instrumental themes, and this work aims to show that it is possible for each instrument to have a more soloist character, thus taking the fado to a greater chamber music approach where each element contributes with the same importance to the final result.

The starting point is the fado universe but all the themes end up having a different musical texture with influences from other world music such as tango, flamenco, classical music, among others.

With the exception of the 2 instrumental songs, all fados are interpreted by women with a career in fado. Their performances are very pure and upholders of the more traditional way of singing, thus allowing a connection between the new approaches and the origin of this musical aesthetic.
Regarding the singers, the musicians - producers were careful to represent 3 different generations; The youngest with Catarina Rosa, Cristina Clara, Joana Melo and Sofia Ferreira - who is making her debut in this work, from an intermediate generation already with an established career emerge the voices of Ana Laíns, Carla Pires, Diamantina, Célia Leiria and Sandra Correia, and finally the voices of Alice Pires and Linda Leonardo who represent the older generation.

All arrangements are made by André M. Santos who recorded the classical guitar and Hugo Edgar, who in turn recorded the Portuguese guitar and both combine in this work their influences of traditional music with their more classical academic training. The instrumental trio is completed by adding the double bass of Óscar Torres, a 3rd soloist element.

Fado elevated to world music. The world is fado and fado is the world.