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Release Date: December 2007

 The global idea is union, to identify the common links, along the history music always served as a peacemaker 
element of the discords, particularly in this sensitive region that since the antiquity until today still in conflict.


Along the centuries, Mediterranean has been prolific in music. Its diversity in languages, cultures, music and instruments makes this region original and unique in the world. 

In the music from Mediterranean, predominantly we can listen to vocals, strings, percussion and wind instruments. The music featured in these albums is mostly song oriented, going towards the now-a-days ethnic fusions and doesn’t relapse only in the traditions. A mixture of sonorities where the roots are present but it wins new outlines that the modernity imposes, in a continuous renewal process. 

We define this work as contemporary world music, sometimes in the threshold of the pop universe, we can experience different moods as ballads, lullabies, cinematic themes, world pop, world beat, traditional dances, folk songs and more. 

We are about to discover some of the greatest artists of the last 2 decades of the region. Having many of them 
world class quality, for several reasons their careers are based in their own regions or/and countries, only a few get hardly known outside their home land. Here’s a good chance to discover them. 

The 4 albums gathers music from 23 countries, this is literally a geographical journey through the Mediterranean Arch, from west to east, north to south and east to west. 

CD1 Latin Europe: Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Malta. 
CD2 Balkans: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania, and Greece. 

CD3 Near East: Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine. 
CD4 North Africa: Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco 

In this marathon of more than 5 hours of music, one can experience this amazing historical region through its colourful and enlightening music. 
We want to elevate the efforts and contribution of all the artists, publishers and labels that participated in this project (even the lazy ones). 
After a long period of research and production, we are truly happy to have the chance to present this project to you and we really hope that you enjoy your discoveries here as much as we did.

CD 1 Latin Europe

Citânia feat. Vitorino/Maria Zogopoúlou – Segredos do Mar/Mistikά tis Thalassas (Portugal/Greece)

Xaile – Lá de onde eu sou (Portugal)

Lina Rodrigues – Onde nasce a solidão (Portugal)

Ana Laíns – Pêra madura (Portugal)

Rosa Negra – Naufrágio (Portugal)

Benjamin Escoriza – Carambola (Morrocan mix) (Spain)

Ojos de Brujo – Silencio (radio edit) (Catalonia, Spain)

Rafa El Tachuela – Añoranza de amor (Spain/Germany)

Nordestin@s – Romaxe e Santo Andrés (Galicia, Spain)

Maria Del Mar Bonet/Nena Venetsanou – Carta a l’ exili (Catalonia, Spain/Greece)

Los Niños de Sara – Mi soledad (Spain/France)

Amélie les Crayons – La garde robe d’Elizabeth (France)

Paris Cosmo/Laure K – Les amants de Paris (France)

Nomadbrothers – Landscape (Corsica, France)

Rocco De Ros – Trammari (Italy)

Elena Ledda/Andrea Parodi – De bentu (Italy)

Grazia de Marchi – La ballerina (Italy)

I Mandolini Italiani – Dicitincello vuje (Italy)

Etnika – Qamar kwinta (Malta)

CD 2 Balkans

Balkan Beat Box – Gypsy Queens (Balkans/USA)

Vlado Kreslin – Nocoj igramo za vas (Slovenia)

Olivija – Kadar sva sama (Slovenia)

Miroslav Evačić – Čula jesam (Croatia)

Tamara Obrovac & Transhistria Ensemble – Daleko je onaj ko me voli (Croatia)

Tamburasky Sastav “Veritas” – Moja mala nosi cizmice (Croatia)

Zabranjeno Pušenje – Behari (Bosnia)

Branko Krsmanovic Group – Vlaske igre (Serbia)

Boban Markovic´ Orkestar – Latino (Serbia)

Zeljko Joksimovic – Lane moje (Serbia)

Zvuci Sa Ribnice, Tamburitza Orchestra, Podgorica – Trkom trci malica (Montenegro)

Tirana Folk Ensemble – Do marr çiften (Albania)

Marcel Cellier & Various Traditional Albanian Artists and Ensembles – Berceuse/Lullaby (Albania)

Evanthia Reboutsika feat. Natassa Theodoridou – The depots are on fire (Greece)

Panayotis Kalantzopoulos Feat. Sofia Papazoglou – Time has passed (Greece)

Michalis Terzis – Myconos – Ballos of the marriage (Greece)

Eleni Tsaligopoulou – Eleni (Greece)

Imam Baildi – De thelo pia (Greece)

Palyrria – Ikariotikos (Greece)

The Sirtaki Orchestra – Zorba’s dance (Greece)

CD3 Near East:

Istanbul Oriental Ensemble – Elden ele (From hand to hand) (Turkey)

Ensemble Hüseyin Türkmenler – Nihavent oyun havasi (Dance music from Nihavent) (Turkey)

Taner Demiralp – Huzun (Turkey)

Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Common spirit (Turkey/Egypt)

Yeksad – Dillirga/Feslikan (Cyprus)

Eliyahu Sills & Qadim – Durme durme (Near East/USA)

Zein Al-Jundi – Ya teira tiri (Fly, o bird) (Syria)

Aboud Abdel Al – Aliek asaal (Lebanon)

Charbel Rouhana – Ourakhoutyoun (Joy) (Lebanon)

Emad Sayyah – Farha kabira (A great joy) (Lebanon)

Alabina – Vengan, vengan (Ya habayby, ya ghaybine) (Israel/France)

Baldi Olier – Dance of the carrousel (Israel/Romania)

Yair Dalal – Through the mist of your eyes (Israel)

Esta – Our hope (Israel)

Olive Leaves – An evening full of roses (Israel)

David D’Or and Patrick Sebag – Kol rina (Israel)

Reem Kelani – Galilean lullaby (Palestine)

CD4 North Africa

Oriental Angels – Jammin’ with the snake (North Africa/France)

Hossam Ramzy & Rafa El Tachuela – Ahlam ghernatah (Egypt/Spain)

Hossam Ramzy – Ghannili sheway sheway (Egypt)

The Cairo Arabic Music Ensemble – El gourya (Egypt)

The Cairo Arabic Music Ensemble – Raidak (Egypt)

Ali Hassan Kuban – Malu malu (Egypt)

Dalinda – Yaah (Libya)

Ez-Zouhour – Samra (Tunisia)

Sonia M’Barek – Mihtara bein ithnein (Tunisia)

Sonia Laaraisi – Sonia Laaraisi (Tunisia)

Abdelkader Saadoun – No frontieres (Algeria)

Latif El Idrissi – Ya rayah (Algeria)

Hasna El Becharia – Hakmet lakdar (Algeria)

Ishtar – Lamouni (Ligharou meni) (Morroco/Egypt/Israel)

Emil Zrihan – Bin el barah oul youm (Morroco)

Chalf Hassan – Aita jilaliya (Spiritual call) (Morroco)

Salim Halali – Sidi h’bibi (Morroco)

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