Memórias de África

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Languages: Portuguese and English
File Under: World Music / África
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Release Date: December 2008

 The undeniable richness of the African music is not worn out in the stages of the great World Music festivals on the 4 corners of the Earth, or in the new “fashion” songs of African appearances. The fact is African music has been growing, adding up new fans and conquering its space in the radios, in the shelves of record stores and in the great show rooms around the world. In the last few years, we’ve seen a proliferation of new artists, much of them strongly inspired by the great artists of the past, who didn’t have the proper means of divulgation of their work that exist today. As such, it is fundamental to have a greater perception of the origins and to rediscover the musical genuineness of the great values of the richest decades in African culture.


In the book we can find a summary of the history and human and territorial geography of these countries. We also have information about those years music, expressed with enthusiasm and nostalgia by individualities that lived those days, among who we find Firmino Pascoal, musician (Angola), Jorge de Jesus Rodrigues, writer (Angola), Virgílio Correia, musical plugger (Guinea, Cape Verde and São Tomé e Príncipe), Juca Delgado, musical producer (Guinea Bissau), Samuel Yana Munguambe, professor researcher (Mozambique).


The marks left by the several wars contributed to the poor conservation or even destruction of many registers, and were also less than favourable for discography recordings. In spite of the difficulty in the attainment of repertoire for this project, we achieved to gather in here a good sampling of the great values of these decades. The 4 records are ordered by countries; being the 1st one devoted to Angola, the 2nd to Cape Verde, the 3rd to Guinea Bissau and the 4th to Mozambique and São Tomé e Príncipe.
Music from PALOPs (African Countries of Portuguese Official Language) is as rich as it is diverse. In here we can listen to Angola’s samba and merengue, Cape Verde’s morna and coladera, Guinea Bissau’s gumbé, Mozambique’s marrabenta and São Tomé e Príncipe’s socopé among other rhythms what continue to delight the World.


A work that is a good representative of the Lusophone cultural richness and that discovers inestimable treasuries.

CD1 – Angola
01. Suzana - Grupo Folc. Angola

02. Caiuana - Marimbeiros Duque Bragança

03. Mini - Saia - Mestre Geraldo Morgado
04. Zon Zon 2 - Elias dia Kimuezo

05. Zeca Camarão - Mário Rui Silva

06. As meninas Hoje - Africa Show
07. Jesus Diala Ua Kidi - Águias Reais

08. Puxa Odette – Anangola
09. Belita - Artur Adriano

10. N'Congo Jami - Carlos Lamartine
11. Chá com Chá - Dikanzas do Prenda
12. Gingombé - Dimba dya Ngola
13. Maria dia Pambala - Sofia Rosa
14. Nizambi - Teta Lando

CD2 – Cape Verde

01. Nho Antón Escaderode – Black Power
02. Laura –Arminda Sousa
03. Pompa –Bana

04. Destino – Jovino-Tchuputa

05. Matiota – Luis Morais

06. Nha Visão –Dudu Araújo

07. Ó Bernardo – Ana Firmino

08. Ribeira Brava – Voz de Cabo Verde

09. Tio Bernar –Leonel Almeida

10. Du Ducha – Voz de Cabo Verde

11. Jom D'Ebra –Marino Silva
12. Lacatora –Afrika Star

13. Tartaruga –Voz de Cabo Verde

14. Sodade de S. Nicolau –Marino Silva

CD3 – Guinea-Bissau

01. Cambança Djombo – Orquestra Super Mama Djombo
02. Sábá Miniambá – Sábá Miniambá

03. Ke Ki Mininu Na Tchora – José Carlos Schwarz

04. Badjuda Bonito – N’Kassa Cobra
05. Bardade de Dentro di Bardade – Zé Manel
06. Seiango – Orquestra Super Mama Djombo
07. Dirito de Mindjher – N’Kassa Cobra

08. Lucapiar – Medina – Sábá Miniambá

09. Saudadi Som – Sábá Miniambá
10. Nha Guiné – Zé Manel
11. Suur di Nó Púbis – Orquestra Super Mama Djombo
12. Se Djindjirbas Preto – N’Kassa Cobra

13. Si Bu Sta Dianti na Luta – José Carlos Schwarz

14. Tchon de Trabadjo – N’Kassa Cobra

CD4 – Mozambique and São Tomé e Príncipe
01. Bekissa Mbilu Yaku - Maclin Comiche
02. A Uni Tenderi - Conjunto Kwekweti

03. Mudenga - Conjunto Moyoni Chiwabo

04. Mawaku - Gabriel Chiau
05. A Ximati Ntlaveni - Rosa c/ Djambo 70
06. Nkata uya Kwini - Maclin Comiche

07. A Muntini Waku Fumiwa - Verónica Petterson
08. Aninha – Africa Negra

09. Ricardina – Sangazuza

10. Mina Fada Mende – Os Leonenses
11. Canivete Possam – Conjunto Mindelo
12. Lulia Sá Xigado – Os Leonenses
13. Manguidala – Pedro Lima
14. Toni Fada Quintino – Conjunto Mindelo

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